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The Greedy Cave in one sentence:

The Greedy Cave is an addicting dungeon crawler with roguelike elements, which means you’ll die a lot.

Day 1

When you start playing The Greedy Cave, you’re greeted with the main character’s inner monologue. Basically, there’s treasure in the mysterious monster-ridden cave and your only purpose in life is to get it!

The Greedy Cave

You start off in a small town which acts as the main hub world. Here, you can upgrade your equipment via the Blacksmith, buy and sell equipment, store your loot, and check the quest board. There’s no actual tutorial sequence. Instead, the game provides popups that show up whenever you encounter a feature for the first time.

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There’s also this very reassuring guard beside the cave entrance. He’s nice.

The Greedy Cave

On my first run, I made the mistake of buying gear from the merchant you meet at the first floor. Do yourself a favor and save your gold since you’ll probably lose all of the stuff you bought anyway.

After learning the basic mechanics of the game, I spent the next hour strategically grinding my way to the first boss. Most of my time was spent trying to collect a full set of golden quality gear (this is gear that you can bring back to town).

The Greedy Cave

As this is a game with roguelike elements (procedurally generated levels, “permadeath”, etc.), I knew I’d die a lot. That’s just the nature of the game. First, you die.  Then, you learn from your mistakes and come back smarter and stronger! Rinse and repeat.

The Greedy Cave

Day 2

By day 2, I’ve already unlocked the first checkpoint (Stage 11). Here’s where the real grind starts. I’ve yet to meet an actual boss monster, but I did notice a sudden difficulty spike where I just couldn’t seem to last longer than I wanted to.

I spent the rest of my playtime getting more golden quality gear. By the time you reach Stage 11, the loot gets significantly better. It gets to the point where your first set of gear from the first few floors is nothing but upgrade fodder now.

The Greedy Cave

My strategy was to get enough gold and junk gear to upgrade a weapon that I got from the later stages. This way, I can easily kill stuff without losing too much HP. In addition, I spent most of my stat points in “Extra EXP” early on so I can benefit from it in the long run.

Day 3

At this point, all I was doing is figuring out how to get to that first boss, which I assume is at Stage 20. My advice is that once you have a decent set of gear, start at Stage 1 and clear every floor until around Stage 11. It may sound tedious, but doing this will guarantee you have a decent amount of potions and at least one escape scroll by the time you reach the boss room. Feel free to rush through the rest of the floors once it starts getting difficult to kill monsters.

With my strategy, I managed to get to the first boss with a bunch of potions and enough mana to spam my Siphoning Strike ability.

The Greedy Cave

After finally beating the boss, I went down the stairs to the next level. You meet the merchant from the first floor again. Needless to say, don’t buy his stuff unless you know what you’re doing. You’ll probably die before you manage to upgrade the quality of the gear you bought anyway.

Going down to the next level, I noticed that the environment inside the cave has changed. From the looks of it, I think the areas change appearances every 20 or so levels, along with a whole new set of monsters.

After meeting the lovely monsters of Stage 21, I figured I wouldn’t last long so I used my escape scroll and lived to fight another day.


If you’re a fan of dungeon crawlers and roguelikes, I highly recommend getting this game. It’s easy to pick up and play in short bursts, and it’s also great if you have a couple of hours to spare for some serious progress.

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I’ll definitely keep playing this game as I’m curious about what the endgame will be like, and it’ll probably take a while to get there. I’m also interested in seeing how the gear progresses throughout the levels since my next goal is to get shiny new armor so I can throw away these rags from Stage 11. 🙂

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