After 3: Eagle Fantasy Golf

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Eagle Fantasy Golf in one sentence:

Hitting balls and putting on a fantasy world where your costume matters the most.


Day 1 :

First thing I thought about this game is it would be another of those ordinary golf game that I used to play back then, but when I started Eagle Fantasy Golf, I was proven wrong.


The game starts with the usual gender selection and character customization which is I think a trend for most of the games out in the app store at the moment. A tutorial will welcome you in the game at the very start after your character creation and will guide you step by step on how the features work, from the normal putt to the pvp battle. The tutorial pops out when you start a certain feature which explains pretty much everything about that certain feature. The tutorial might be a little long in my opinion but it’s worth the read.

The first few holes are pretty much challenging already and getting a hole in one means you will be needing a 3 or 4 star costume to achieve it, some course are also pretty tricky and you’ll need to use some of the elements on the course to get that eagle or birdie.

Some costumes also have skills that you can use before you swing making your swing more stronger throwing your ball farther and landing closer to the hole. After reaching level 5, I’ve started to get some challengers which is kinda frustrating sometimes if you’re doing something else like fusing costumes or checking the costume details, you do have an option to turn it down but I hope this game has a disable function for challengers.

Day 2 :

Day 1 was a blast and I was able to explore most of the feature of the game already except for the costumes parts where there are icons that I’m not pretty sure what they do. After a few minutes of tinkering, I found out that the costume has a specific boost on certain attributes, like for example, the shoes improve the balance where it decides how accurate you will hit the center of the ball. The nearer you hit the center of the ball, the more precise the chance your ball will fly into the direction you want it to be. Other parts are more into the ball rotation for the ball drop bounce which adds distance making it possible to hit a hole in one.

Costumes can be acquired randomly when finishing a course where you can get a 1 or 2 star costume. Another way is via the lottery where you can draw like a gacha system on other games by simply exchanging a coins or crystal for a certain number of a draw. The crystal draw gives you a slim chance to get 3 star costumes while the coins draw provides the highest chance to acquire 3 to 4 star costumes.  Special costumes can also be acquired via coins but cost a little bit higher than the normal draw. Special costumes come with skills that you can use on your turn consuming mana when used.

Nothing much happened in day 2, was running back and forth from the first course trying to achieve the medals to unlock other features.


Day 3 :

Day 3 started with a barrage of challengers prompting left and right. I do hope there’s an option where you can disable challengers so you can have a peaceful play.  I haven’t checked the settings part yet but then again, if you’re the type who enjoys a good competition against other people, then you’ll definitely enjoy how active other players are in this game. Most of my energy was spent with challengers which eats up 3 energy per match and it was a little bit late before I notice it. After complying with all those challengers, the energy really drops fast since you won’t really notice how many matches you had from the adrenaline and some frustration with your swing and the wind on the course.

The weekly ranking when you challenge or accept a challenger pays off really well so all those hard work and frustrations are not wasted. You get a pretty decent reward depending on the rank you reach at the end of the week. That means S rank players gets to have a huge amount of goodies for their character 🙂


Day 3 finished early due to insufficient energy >_<



Eagle Fantasy Golf is really a great game in my opinion. With the anime look and cute costumes coming into this game, you’ll really get hook trying to get that costume you want really bad for your avatar. And the nonstop pvp action will keep you busy. Will recommend this to those who enjoys the competitive challenge from other people in real time battle. Show off and hit that hole in one in a fashionable way.


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