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Metal Slug Attack in one sentence:

A fun little strategy game based on the Metal Slug franchise, now with more RAWKET LAWNCHAIR!

Day 1:

The game starts off with a cutscene of characters from almost every iteration of Metal Slug. It’s a nice throwback that dramatizes what the gameplay will be like.

Metal Slug Attack opening scene

After the intro cutscene, you’re immediately thrown into a very long tutorial. It’s not really that long, but it goes through almost everything you can do in the game, minus the rest of the content that you unlock at certain levels.

Metal Slug Attack tutorial

After the tutorial, I spent most of the rest of my playtime going through missions and playing around with the other features of the game.

The game itself is pretty fun! It’s like a tug of war because you and your opponent will spawn units from your respective bases until one player manages to destroy the other’s base.

Metal Slug Attack base defense

I spent some of my free medals trying to get some new units. Let’s just say the result wasn’t as bad as I expected. I also bought a Power Up Set for Marco, which I kinda regret. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Save your medals up for something more useful (like some new units).

Metal Slug Attack powerups

One thing I should mention is the music. If you’ve ever played any of the Metal Slug games, some of the music might sound familiar. From what I’m hearing ingame, it seems like they’re using music from the OSTs of games from the main franchise. My personal favorite is Back to the China (yes, that’s the actual title) from Metal Slug 2 which plays in the 2nd area of the Metal Slug Attack world, which happens to be China (Shocking, I know).

I’ll just leave the track here for you to reminisce to:

Day 2:

Day 2 wasn’t too eventful. Since I still don’t know what I should be doing, I spent a lot of my ingame currency on base upgrades and maxing out every unit. I did my daily quests and did a couple more missions for some resources.

I spawned some pretty good units using my medals, so that’s fun. My only gripe with the game so far is it’s kinda hard to get medals for free once you’ve done most of the quests. Also, don’t expect much when you’re spawning units using in-game currency instead of medals because you’ll get disappointed if it decides to give you a carrot or something.

There are several game modes unlocked in the early levels, among them is “P.O.W Rescue”. In this game mode, you go through increasingly difficult missions to rescue prisoners and get rewards. It’s pretty straightforward and it’s a nice way to get a few free resources (assuming your deck can handle it).

Metal Slug Attack POW Rescue

Another game mode is “Treasure Hunt”. Basically, you just tap on an object and return after the specified time to get some free rewards. In the case of a new player, you’re given a barrel that takes an hour to open. Since it’s timed, you can just close the game and claim your rewards when you’re ready to play again.

Metal Slug Attack Treasure Hunt

Day 3:

I eventually joined a guild that was accepting everyone.


Joining a guild opens up new features such as Guild Raids and the Soldier Camp. The Soldier Camp allows you to place units in it and they’ll make money for you while you’re away. Naturally, I took advantage of that immediately!

After reaching a certain level, you unlock online battles. I was so excited when I found out that this was a thing! The only downside to this feature is that it only accounts for player levels and not the total cost of your deck. That means you can have a bunch of weak starter units while your opponents may have huge UFOs firing bombs at your face or just better upgraded stuff in general.

Personally, I tried to play two 1v1 matches and I got completely WRECKED. Needless to say, I need to keep playing the single player content to improve my stuff before I even think about jumping back in there. I mean seriously, one player actually sat there for an entire minute just to send out a single soldier (I mean literally, a “Soldier”, the very basic unit)

He shanked my entire army AND my base.

Metal Slug Attack PvP


Metal Slug Attack is a fun game overall, but don’t expect to be a complete beast in your first few days. It’s a game where you have to put in a lot of time and effort to compete with other players.

The single player missions get a very noticeable difficulty spike, so you should expect a bit of grinding (though, it’s a F2P game, so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise). I forgot to mention that once you complete a mission, you get the option to “Raid” it. The “Raid” button pretty much gives you the mission rewards in exchange of whatever it costs to play the mission. It’s a convenient way to grind if you don’t have much time to actually play the game!

If you love Metal Slug or just enjoy this kind of “Tug of War meets Tower Defense meets whatever” type of game, you should check this game out! You’ll have a rough start for sure, but I have a feeling it gets better once you start getting better units.

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