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R-type in one sentence:

A mobile port of the classic 1987 game, R-type is as challenging and gut-wrenching on tinier screens.

Day 1

I’m shaking, taken back to musty afternoons in my room hunched over my secondhand C64, rapid firing a barrage of curses too colorful for my 10 year old mouth at R-Type.

R-Type start screen

R-Type level select

Now, almost 3 decades later, fans of the original game can relieve that beautiful experience again as DotEmu brings R-Type to the mobile platform.

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It’s still as hard as it ever was, and maybe even a bit hard given the controls on mobile. You control the ship through on-screen controls. This means responsiveness is a challenge depending on your phone’s screen. In my case, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 proved a little too sensitive for precise maneuvering around shots. What I thought was a slight nudge sent my ship careening onto the path of an enemy. Woops.

Game over R-Type

And the game has rewarded me for my incompetency. Yes, I missed you too, R-Type.

Achievements R-Type

R-Type Humiliation

Day 2

It’s really hard to work around my left thumb. Usually I wouldn’t mind on-screen controls but in a game like R-Type where you need to be aware of the whole screen wayward digits can get in the way of dodging and shooting effectively.

Game Over R-Type

Also, I found out that I have oily thumbs. Oily thumb + ridiculously smooth Gorilla glass = smudge party. My strokes sometimes get cut off in the middle because there’s not enough friction to slide all the way through. I’m not sure if this is the effect of the glass, or if I really just suck at this game.

I’m a perfectionist, so once I die before reaching the boss I restart the game to get four full lives again. I feel like 2 lives won’t be enough to get me through the boss; getting all the powerups before the big boss battle is also one of my goals, so it’s taking me such a long time to get through level 1.

One life left R-Type

One life left. Nope.

Day 3

Alright, that’s it, I conclude that there’s definitely SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY THUMB.

After numerous attempts, I’ve only ever gotten close to the 1st boss twice with complete ship upgrades. Twice. This is embarrassing. I’ve worn my left thumb print down to almost nothing so I have that.

Boss R-Type

It’s great to have R-Type on my phone, means I’ll never have to be bored (or quiet, for that matter) anywhere I am. The only downside is this is a game made for a controller, and without a physical D-Pad it’s absurdly more difficult to get through.



Right after about an hour of playing the first level again and again on my 3rd day of R-Type, I was pretty much resigned to sucking at the game. After a couple of hours before heading home I got bored and picked it up again.

That’s when the magic happened.

I didn’t do it guns a-blazing. You’d think with this many powerups on me I wouldn’t have a problem, but this is R-Type and nothing is ever easy.

powerups R-Type

I beat the first boss with two powerups and two lives left.

Ahhhh that feels good. Now to scrub away all the accumulated smudge on my screen.


If you were a fan of the original game, you should get R-Type on your phone, even though the controls make it almost impossibly hard to play. It’s a great way to pass the time, and you can even play with friends and see who can get the farthest.

Get R-Type on:

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