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Sea Hero Quest one sentence:

Sea Hero Quest is an adorable twist on the old game Memory made to to aid in the research of dementia.

Day 1:

The gameplay of Sea Hero Quest is basically just Memory. The story of the game involves having the father of the player lose memories of his grand adventures and all the mythical monsters he encountered in his travels.

Sea Hero Quest

The level begins the layout of the map with areas numbered 1, 2, and 3. Each area has a buoy, which carries a clue to the monster to be encountered in that chapter. You have to visit these floats sequentially according to the map layout that was presented at the beginning of the level.

Day 2:

Each chapter consists of 5 levels. The first 3 levels involve the gameplay that was explained in Day 1. The 4th level requires the player to quickly memorize the area in which a buoy is located, and must obtain the flare gun for that level.

Sea Hero Quest flare gun

Once the flare gun is obtained, the game will let you choose which direction the buoy is. Once the direction is selected, the flare gun will be fired in that direction.

Sea Quest Hero buoys

Each level works on a time limit basis. The player will be awarded 3 stars for the level when it is completed on time. The game is very forgiving on the levels, as they don’t require points or energy to restart the whole level in case the player messes up.

The 5th level for the chapter is completely different. It is an obstacle course in which you have to dodge all the ice in the set path. At the end of the path is the mythical monster, waiting to be photographed by the player. This part requires timing, as the monster needs to be at the center of the picture in order to gain the 3 stars for the level.

Sea Hero Quest Monster

Each chapter ends with the journal entry for that monster. These entries are the data which the company uses for their dementia research. The player needs to answer a form with some personal questions in order to be registered. The game has a leaderboard in which you can compare progress with other players around the globe.

Sea Hero Quest monsters

Day 3:

The game doesn’t really have any quests or achievements to be unlocked. The journal entries are the data used in the research for dementia; that alone is an achievement in itself and the sole reason for you to play this game. The game is fun and quirky, the music is great, and the levels get increasing difficulty enough to challenge your mind. If it matters, the boat can be customized to your liking as well.

This is what mine looks like after my three days’ worth of playing!

Sea Hero Quest customize

Sea Hero Quest


This game is a great way to kill time and boredom. The level design is great, with increasing difficulty as you progress. The music is good and catchy. The visuals are adorable. Overall, this game could be rated 7/10 for its type.

It’s also a good way to give something to the research of something that is potentially devastating to any person; dementia. Everybody knows how bad it is to lose memories of your loved ones. Giving this game a try not only provides a great entertaining way to kill time, but also gives something back to society to help out those with this debilitating illness.

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