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Soda Dungeon in one sentence:

Sit back and relax as you bribe groups of adventurers to do your dirty work for you!

Day 1:

Welcome to the world of Soda Dungeon! Basically, the story is that you’re just an average guy/gal in a world full of adventurers and dungeons. Unfortunately for you, the game establishes that you’re a coward with no money, so you go to the local soda tavern to ponder what to do (I mean, you’d probably want to drink your problems away, but you’re broke).

Soda Dungeon premise

In the tavern, you meet your first soda junkie. This is where your entrepreneurial skills start kicking in. You learn that soda can easily sway people, and now you’re going to take advantage of that knowledge.

soda dungeon soda junkies

In the interest of time, I’ll just say that the tutorial is pretty straightforward and it’s very easy to get the hang of it. The battle system is simply like any other turn-based RPG’s system where your party and the opposing party take turns hitting each other in the face. When your party gets wiped out, all of the loot your party has gained (and all of the equipment they had on them) will be dropped on the ground.

Don’t worry. All of this juicy loot isn’t lost as you grab all of them before legging it!

Outside raiding is where the game goes deeper. Here, you can buy upgrades for the tavern, hire your next group of adventurers, buy and sell equipment, and many other things that’ll be unlocked in time.

Soda Dungeon tutorials tools

I spent my first hour farming gold and upgrading the tavern. In order to upgrade the clientele of the tavern, you need to upgrade the tavern’s inventory with different kinds of sodas. With the time I spent playing on the first day, I managed to buy enough soda to unlock ruffians, conscripts, fighters, and conjurers.

I also invested in some furniture, an armory, and a wizard! The wizard lets you warp to certain levels in the dungeon that you’ve unlocked in previous runs; they’re essentially the game’s checkpoint system. You should get him early so that you won’t have to start at level 1 every time.

soda dungeon upgrade tavern

Soda dungeon boss

Day 2:

At this point, I’ve already invested a couple of hours into the game. The game really picks up once you have a decked out tavern and a whole lot of gear. After a couple of runs, I finally made it to level 100 of the dungeon. Here’s where you’ll meet the first boss. Watch out, he’s a big one.

Soda Dungeon Fugue

After you beat him, your party celebrates and disbands. This is where I learned that this is only the beginning. You see, this is just the first dimension. Once you talk to the wizard, he tells you that there are more bosses to be slain and more treasure to be found!

soda dungeon wizard tip

So, the wizard fixes the broken portal outside and you can step in whenever you’re ready. When you step through the portal, the game resets. You lose all of your gold, items, and soda, but you also receive permanent rewards for every time you reset!

Soda Dungeon reset

In the midst of inter-dimensional travel, you meet a faceless cosmic entity. It jokes around a bit before giving you two free relics. The first relic you get is whichever you chose from the three options given to you. The second relic is something that’ll help you upgrade soda junkies. I assume the next time I reset; the second free relic will upgrade the next tier of adventurers, the ruffians.

Soda dungeon Sodas

Soda Dungeon Relic of Soda Junkie

With the new dimension, you unlock Essence, a new resource that’s used to upgrade relics. Thankfully, your tavern upgrades stay, so your “fresh start” will be slightly less tedious this time around.

Day 3:

I’m really enjoying the game so far. I just beat the second boss of the game, which can be fought at level 200.

That’s right. You’ll meet the boss every hundredth level and he/she will taunt you, but they will only fight you 100 levels above where you beat the previous boss.

Soda Dungeon boss

It takes more than three days to see everything this game has to offer, but for someone who loves games with seemingly endless progression, I can say that the amount of time I spent was worth it. I’ve only unlocked a couple of the VIP tavern upgrades in preparation for my next reset, and I’ve yet to get close to the third boss.

Soda Dungeon VIP tavern upgrades

Right now, I’m still working on upgrading my relics to take on the later levels of this dimension, and maybe I’ll even save up a million gold to buy the upgrade that removes ads (yeah, that’s a thing, I’m not even kidding).

Soda Dungeon 300


I really enjoyed Soda Dungeon. It takes virtually no time to learn and it’s an excellent time killer with a lot to offer.

The music’s pretty great too! In the tavern, you get this looping jazz music that makes you feel like you’re in a pub. In the dungeons, you get some sick chiptune music that has this retro feel to it. It also changes every other level so it doesn’t get too repetitive!

The combat system’s not too shabby. There’s an auto function you can use to play the game “AFK” so that you can progress without actually touching anything. Of course, the AI can only do so much, so don’t always rely on this mechanic!

For all you completionists out there, there’s also a codex of sorts found on the upper left corner of the screen. Here you’ll find the bestiary, a list of unlocked items, your stats, and achievements.

Overall, if you want a game that’ll last you a long while, I recommend trying this game out. Its simplicity and tendency to give you that feeling of fulfillment every time you progress makes it a perfect long term game to have on your phone!

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