After 3: Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter in one sentence:

A puzzle game with a little twist of adventure and a lot of deaths in black and white.

Day 1

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter reminds me of other movement-restricting games. This game starts with the basic tutorial and tells you how to solve the puzzles.

The first levels of the game are quite easy ; I managed to solve it without breaking a sweat.

Uncharted: Fortune Island

The next few levels became more difficult due to the more complicated blocking, with added switches that you need to enable and disable along the way. I ended up doing extra turns just to figure out which switch goes which.. Sometimes I end up solving the puzzle above the limited number of steps.

Day 2

And it’s Day 2 for Uncharted: Fortune Hunter. We’re starting with a good progress. I managed to clear stage 7 to 15 but got stuck at stage 16. This stage is pretty tricky since you are only given a few blocks to step on and there are 2 rotating turrets close to each other near the goal, a bunch of cracked tiles and a flip switch to lower the higher plates.

Took me some time to clear this one, once I got over my frustration the solution was actually pretty simple. 

Day 2 is over and I managed to solve up to stage 20. Hoping for a better progress for Day 3.

Day 3

It’s Day 3 and things are getting repetitive. I just realized that the puzzles change very little even in the later levels.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

There’s gotta be more to life than this.

At this point, I’m assuming that the game’s mainly for getting more players to play the latest Uncharted since some of the rewards given are usable and can be claimed over the PSN only.  

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter rewards

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

Things I can’t wear.

It seems like this mobile game wasn’t made to stand by itself, but is just part of marketing to get new players into the console game. Pretty much what the other tie-in games did like Fallout and Tomb Raider, but the problem I see Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is there’s no direct connection to the story.


This game is great for killing time but it seems that it’s only purpose is to convince its players to buy the console game. Which isn’t bad per se, but it’s not good if Uncharted: Fortune Hunter was planning on being a stand alone game like Fallout Shelter. But for players who are not into the Uncharted franchise, I think they should have at least created a direct connection with the story of the upcoming game instead of just bribing them with a bunch of rewards. At least with a story, players might be interested in diving into the world of Nathan Drake.

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