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Minutes to Read: 3:30

Vector 2 in one sentence:

Lasers, impressive parkour animation, and ridiculous cooldown times.

Day 1

Tutorials aren’t straightforward, so I’ll save you a few minutes and let you know the basics.

You’re given a limited number of tries per run, the number depends on the ‘life’ of your armor.

Vector 2

You slowly gain new armor as you progress through each level. Unlocking moves gives you more points at the end of each round. You can use the points to buy more life for your armor after each successful level.

Vector 2

There are prompts throughout the level for special moves. Game doesn’t tell you what to do, so I had to figure out on my own that swiping up/down at the exact moment you run through the prompt will execute the special move. Executing special moves = getting more points you can use to buy extra life.

Vector 2

With that out of the way, let’s gloss over the story a bit: You’re at a research facility, think along the lines of Aperture Labs. You control, for lack of a better word, subjects. Each one disintegrates into a thousand little pixels when you die, and then you’re given another subject to control. Hooray!

Vector 2

Vector 2

I’m not really grasping the story very well. At first I thought I was breaking out subject #1 but after he got blown to bits I had to reevaluate what I think is going on.

The level progression isn’t exactly linear. Levels are unlocked if you meet requirements for each “protocol” and unlocking isn’t done by level. For example, Level 3 functions as a checkpoint of sorts.

Vector 2 protocols

You have to complete the “Advanced Run Protocol” to unlock Level 6, or else you return to level 3 if you die in either level 4 or 5.

Vector 2 advanced run protocol

I spent a few playthroughs trying to reach Level 6. The game doesn’t make it easy because of shifting level designs, there’s always something different every run, forcing you to stay on your toes instead of memorizing each level.

Day 2

Took me two days of playing to unlock Level 6. If you ask me, that’s one day too much. The main thing that kept me from grinding my way up is the cool down for each level after a consecutive number of plays. I had to wait a couple of minutes to try Level 3 again.

vector 2 cooldown level 3

It feels pretty disruptive to me, given that there’s really nothing else to do while waiting for a level to cool down besides going through lower levels, which doesn’t really yield a lot of rewards. I mainly used the lower levels to grind for points to unlock more upgrades for the Advanced Run Protocol.

Vector 2

Vector 2 research terminal

vector 2 research terminal

You can choose to use data chips (them little red things) to skip cool down, but you’re given such a small amount in the beginning that using them early on isn’t really worth it. Save your chips for another day.

Also, don’t be fooled into buying an extra slot if the level you’re on allows for only two pieces of equipment.

vector 2 achievement

The game won’t tell you that an additional slot for boots will do zilch for your run. Nada. Nil. I don’t know if that’s a bug or not, either way I don’t see the point of making that option available.

Pay attention to these warnings in the game. A skeleton means that there’s going to be no way to avoid damage if you go through that route.

vector 2 skeleton warning

Day 3

I finally unlocked Level 6!

vector 2 hacked console

Vector 2 advanced protocol unlocked level 6

But of course I’m not going to unlock the next protocol in one go. It’s a given that I’m going to die during my first run.

And I did. And I was met with this:

Vector 2 advanced protocol cool down

48 damn minutes is too much to ask for. Especially at this point in the game when I’m neither invested enough in Vector 2 nor willing to spend for more data chips.

With nothing left to do, I just farmed the last few levels for points and tokens to upgrade my armor and unlock potential boosts for supply stations in between levels.

vector 2 power drain

vector 2 upgrades

I was able to reach Level 7 and 8 after waiting for 40 mins, but since I died at Level 8 I’ll have to wait 40 minutes again just to try again, hoping that the extra upgrades I unlocked in the meantime will give me a better run than last time.


I’d say Vector 2 would do better as a paid rather than free-to-play game.

Vector 2 is promising: Simple controls, animation that’s a treat to watch. What’ll make you uninstall it is its unrealistic cool down times. It isn’t for long-term play unless you plan on sinking cash early in the game, and that’s not what people like doing just a couple of levels into a mobile game.

Get Vector 2 on:

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