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Mucho Taco in 1 sentence:

A frantic swiping and resource management game in  a land where taco is life.

Day 1

Okay, this game is overstimulating my brain, and I haven’t even started making tacos yet. SO.MANY.BRIGHT.COLORS.

Screw becoming an astronaut, tacology is the new dream

At the start of the game, Barbacoatl the taco expert tells me that I found something called the “magical sun tortilla”, a round yellow ball of never-ending tortillas. As with everyone who finds a magical, never-ending ball of food, I then proceed to do what any sane person would do.

Solve world hunger?



I actually want this in real life.

Each swipe of magical sun tortilla makes a couple of tacos, and in Mucho Taco, tacos are everything: food and the currency you use to buy things like more ingredients and bigger restaurants. The magic tortilla ball literally just become my unlimited source of cash. The faster I swiped, the more tacos I got, sort of like building up a combo.

Makin’ it rain, makin’ it rain!

This is what swiping for hundreds of tacos feels like:

But of course, as a fledgling taco mogul, I had to start off small, I guess. This is my first taco stall, which seems to be located in sunny, middle-of-nowhere.

The stall starts off at LV. 1, runs on limited opening hours (mine right now is at a whopping 2 mins) and earnings (the little piggy icon) of a little under a hundred each run.  I can level up the stall, increasing it’s opening time and taco production. I’m trying to found out what the “earnings” is for, but maybe that will come later.

The stall, however is only second to the magic tortilla ball in increasing tacos. Whereas I could only collect tacos after a period of time on the stall (either automatically after the opening time or manually by picking up that huge ass taco), I had an unlimited, fast supply by swiping the magic tortilla ball, granted that my fingers don’t cramp or fall off.

There are also various power ups I can use to speed things up. There’s the “Fiesta” boost that multiplies the amount of tacos flying out of the magic ball per swipe for a limited time.

Ayyyy, caramba!

Fiesta mode: An overload of tacos, sombreros, maracas, nachos, cacti, and everything that comes out of Mexican land instead of oil.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that the boosts come regularly? That gauge on top of the magic tortilla ball? When that fills up, these things pop out:


And why do pinatas frigging pop out of nowhere?

Seriously, how powerful can this thing get? Should I ready myself for a mariachi band to come marching out of this thing??

I really appreciate the attention to detail I’m seeing so far. From something as simple as the design of the buttons and menus to the muted traditional Mexican music in the background, there’s a thoughtfulness in design that I’m loving here. I’m a sucker for well executed themes, and right now Mucho Taco is getting it right.

Day 2
How to make it rain tacos

I’ve moved up in the taco world. I’ve unlocked a few more locations: a food truck, and a booth that’s shaped like a sumbrero.


It rained tacos from my sumbrero branch and I forgot how to screenshot.

I’ve also managed to unlock a couple more types of burritos. Each ingredient in Mucho Taco is actually an upgrade which allows you to create more tacos with each swipe. They’re the most expensive resource in the game, taco-wise.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I really appreciate the attention to detail. The ingredients look adorable, which is why I don’t understand how they make me hungry. Each unlocked ingredient you can actually see when swiping tacos.

Takes me a LOT of swiping to unlock each ingredient; they’re even more expensive than unlocking restaurants. Luckily, there are TONS of ways to get more tacos in the game.

First, there’s the random “Mucho Swerte” draw. You’re given three pots to choose from, and inside is either a boost, or a penalty. You can’t opt out of it, but you can choose to skip the penalty using the game’s premium currency, Chili Coins.

Eenie, meenie, miney, talavera

There are also salsa ingredients that you can use on each restaurant to boost their taco production. You get these from pinatas/random jars, or from buying them from the store with Chili Coins.

My 100% more stationary food truck.

Right now I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two ways of playing Mucho Taco.

If you’ve got a crapload of time on your hands and idle fingers, then you can just swipe all your taco problems away. The multipliers per upgrade aren’t stupid and useless like in some free-to-play games. I started out with 3 tacos max per swipe, and now have a steady 72.

If you DON’T have a crapload of time on your hands, then your best bet is invest as much as you can in your restaurants by leveling them up. Leveling up restaurants increases their taco production by prolonging their opening hours. These restaurants pool all the tacos for you to collect when they close. Leveling up also costs mon—tacos, which is why you never want this penalty to happen to you:

All other penalties are acceptable, except this one.

There’s also something very, very important in the game that I want to point out to everyone.

THERE ARE RANDOMIZED SPECIAL CHARACTERS WALKING AROUND THE STREETS. Mucho Taco entertains me enough as it is, but these just put the cherry on top. I’m also a sucker for Easter Eggs that don’t have any other purpose but to entertain me, but I’m guessing noticing these little characters walking around doing weird things can make anybody’s day.

The first one I noticed was the pig in the suit (HAHA) complaining about my tacos being expensive while wolfing them down anyway. I caught him counting a wad of cash and giggling menacingly. Go figure who this is supposed to represent.

Someone needs to tell him I use ground pork in my tacos.

Next one was a doe-eyed walking produce I spotted around my first stall. I haven’t really caught him doing anything yet.

How a-MAIZE-ing. Ha. Haha. Hahaha.

I also found a wandering luchador, who might or might not have said “Viva La Rasa” at one point.

Fresh from the lucha libre to get mucho, mucho tacos.

There’s Cowboy Bob, who gets red after eating a taco, presumably because of Diablo Sauce.

And for one of my favorite things that happened in the game, I got two special characters on one street, and both of them are doing their special actions!

You’re on the wrong street, grandma. Also, there’s a mariachi artist performing in front of my taco truck during sunset. It can’t really get any better than that.

Day 3
Unlocking Birria and Buildings

Okay, so I’ve been focusing more on swiping instead of upgrading, and that plus a little patience has allowed me to finally buy restaurant buildings instead of stalls.

Success smells like hot tacos. God damn this game really makes me crave for Mexican food.

Featuring: My first building, with special guest appearance of who I’m guessing is Montezuma II on his phone.

The buildings themselves become more interesting as you unlock them. Here is a giant pepper-shaped restaurant.

And my latest building so far, a cactus in a desert where “tacos come out of cacti, and not water”. The game’s words, not mine.

My taco pinhead branch

I’ve also bought more ingredients, up to the point where I have to slow down because the next update costs me close to A MILLION tacos to unlock.

The most expensive chicken in the world.

By the way, since my next ingredient turned out to be chicken, I find this a little grim:

I have ingredients walking loose outside the restaurant.

Also, I have found out what the walking corn does when it’s idle. It…uhh…pulls up it’s hoodie, which I thought was it’s peel and then…uh…you take a look:

Does corn hibernate?!

I also swiped and found someone who looks like she took a break from celebrating Dia de Muertos to grab some tacos. Either that, or she just walked straight off The Book of Life movie.

There are no tacos in the afterlife, lady.


This is definitely one that anyone has to try. Mucho Taco is just the right blend of mindless and strategic to keep anyone hooked for a reasonable amount of time. The quirky art doesn’t hurt either, and the attention to detail will make you feel like you’re playing together a casual game that’s put together well.

How long you’ll play Mucho Taco

I’m on day 5 and it’s still my go to activity when I’m bored. There’s something soothing about finding your rhythm while hurling millions of tacos in all directions as fast as possible. I thinking anyone will continue to play this for a week, minimum, and a month or two, max. Even then, I’m sure this game will stay on the “don’t delete because interesting” folder.

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