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Exsilium in one sentence:

A sci-fi RPG where your goal is to survive and escape perilous dungeons.

Day 1

The game starts with character creation where you can choose your desired gender and how they look.  There are 3 hairstyles and armor color to choose from.

Exsilium character select

At the start, there’s no cut scene or brief story. You just come crashing down somewhere and need to survive and get back to your base.

You start with nothing, but luckily Exsilium’s tutorial teaches you enough to survive the first stage. Weapon and healing items are given during the tutorial playthrough. It’s a bit annoying but at least the developer makes sure you know your way around the game.

Exsilium pop ups

Managed to clear 4 stages and got decent items which I think will be useful. I’m not sure if upgrading my current items is worth it, will find out in later stages. Managed to hit level 10 and craft good weapons and some armor parts.

Exsilium quest accomplished

Armor parts exsilium

armor weapons exsilium

Choosing a gender kinda dictates what kind of build your character will be. Female characters are range types while the males lean toward melee. You can ignore the quirk, but it will be more difficult to create the character build you want.

Day 2

Learned that you can go back to cleared areas for farming items and gold, but sadly, items chests don’t respawn. Events get repeated, so speech bubbles pop up during play.

speech exsilium

Item drops are not the same as the first run but if you need those extra credits for the upgrade, it’s worth it. You also get to have free standard blade and shotgun automatically when you play the first area again. Both those items can be sold for around 500 credits so if you’re short on credits, go through it more than once. You also gain EXP so if you want to grind or get stuck on a boss, you can always come back to level up and unlock skills faster.

I’m not sure though if recrafting at an early stage is advisable but if you’re stuck on a boss, do it. It’s quite a gamble since the way your item will be recrafted is random. Sometimes you end up getting normal items and sometimes you get lucky and get a master craft item. The bonus stats on the item is good but everything will be based on how lucky you are with this. It eats a lot of credits depending on the item you are recrafting.

Day 3

It comes down to Day 3 and I managed to clear out the crab looking boss with really tough defense and annoying knockback ability. The farming and grinding really paid off, but honestly, it’s really hard to farm and try to get a master craft upgrade on your items, I’ve wasted a lot of time just trying to upgrade items. It feels like I wasted a lot of resources for something that isn’t long-term.

boss crab exsilium

Area 2-2 was more frustrating, you get to face off those tough crab like monsters and another set of crystal like monsters that can stun you. If you encounter both the crab looking monster and the crystal looking monster, it’s GG for you. Not mentioning the fast respawn. It’s a good area if you are trying to farm credits and level up but it’s so frustrating when you want to finish the area as soon as possible. It feels like the game is forcing you to grind heavier while trying to do the quest. I hope they add achievements so that all this endless hack and slash has more purpose.

exsilium hack and slash

Day 3 is done and I got stuck on Area 2-2. It seems that I’ll be grinding back early levels again to defeat the crystal boss.

boss exsilium


This game is great for those who love the isometric view RPG. Pretty decent, comes close to Torchlight but one thing I don’t like about it is the on-screen control. Sometimes the aim is off and it’s really hard to aim with firearms without wasting a few bullets before hitting the target. The firearm cooldown is also frustrating so I suggest you also try to upgrade and add some attributes to your melee weapon.

Important note

Saving is also a big, big deal in this game. So save as often as you can. You don’t want to lose loot you just upgraded.

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