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Note: Last May, we featured State of Play’s INKS as one of six mobile games to look forward to. The Gamenomnom team got our hands on the game, and played for three days. Spoiler Alert: INKS is GORGEOUS.

INKS in one sentence:

Smash around a ball while making a crazy, colorful work of art.

Day 1:

Simply put, INKS is a pinball game that takes the often repetitive mode of play and gives it replay value by letting players paint using the ball.

INKS level

Each playfield is a blank canvas players can either make beautiful art of (almost!) symmetrical lines on, or ruin completely, depending on how good they are.

INKS level 1

Each bumper is assigned a different color, and it explodes in this color when the ball hits it. There’s something about the sudden splash of colors that feels very satisfying, much like watching a paintball explode against a concrete wall.

INKS level 1 finished


No matter how pretty the colors are though, it would be easy to lose interest in the game if the only thing you have to do is hit all the bumpers.

Fortunately, INKS offers playfields with different parts.

Worlds INKS

Each world, not unlike David Reichelt’s Color Switch, takes the basics of the game and tweaks it a bit to change the way the playfield/world is played.

Melody features a world where you have to hit two bumpers instead of just one. It functions as a sort of level 2, where the number of bumpers increasing as you progress.

INKS Melody level

Day 2:

Alright, State of Play, I’m hooked.

Playing INKS is really relaxing; between the vivid layers of colour that bloom before your eyes and the lilting sounds (everything from the ball going down the outhole to hitting the flipper bat is pleasant to the ears, unlike the jarring sounds of an actual pinball machine)

INKS gameplay

Glorious, glorious color explosions kept me hooked on the game. I have the attention span of a fly on meth, and if you’re anything like me, INKS will take up a lot of your time.

INKS color explosion

In the game, your ball leaves nice, pastel-colored lines only until a certain number of tries. If you really suck at a level, the line will turn black, and your otherwise colorful playfield will look like a 5-year-old with a vengence
went crazy with a black crayon.


Day 3:

At the end of Day 3, I’ve gone through most of Dawn, but barely scratched the surface of Campfire. You can also see how desperate I got the last few levels…

INKS Dawn playingfield

As the abundance of black lines will tell you, the suction tubes part of Campfire playingfields is really throwing me off.

The 7th level of Melody also doesn’t do anyone any favors.

Melody INKS

There were also other levels that look really intriguing, although I haven’t unlocked them yet. I don’t like the looks of those lines, though.

INKS locked levels

I predict of crapton of black lines in my INKS future.


INKS isn’t free, but it’s worth the $1.99 for vibrant art and great replay value. The game can easily become anyone’s go to game whenever they’re idle or bored.

Get INKS on:

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