Legends of Callasia

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Extremely challenging AI and a great resource management training. RTS-ish gameplay but I think different theory runs on this wonderful strategy game.

Day 1:

It’s Day 1 for the game called Legends of Callasia by Boom Zap and like every other game, it starts with a decent tutorial. Though some elements are a little bit confusing but you’ll get over it with a little exploration. The tutorial actually sends you off to the actual campaign where you need to protect and conquer lands named Thessonian Islands from the Revenants, in this tutorial they give you the actual real deal and it will give you a “WTF?” moments.

The tutorial campaign was a little less challenging since you will be facing only 1 AI opponent and a lot of areas to set your defense. But be cautious for the AI will not hesitate to take you on or  your conquered lands.


Day 2:

Day 2 and I’m ready to take on the campaign. I was a little confident on my skills by how I was able to conquer the tutorial but my first defeat proved me wrong. I tried re-playing the first mission hoping that I just did a simple mistake but I was again slapped with a defeat screen. At this rate, I was really pissed by how challenging the AI was, as if it knows what and where my next move will be.

The gold cycle was also a bit difficult and the manpower you can gain is also limited but something changed when I accidentally pressed something, I just discovered that you can upgrade the structures to gain more gold and manpowers.

And in that moment, I was relieved and was able to populate the strongholds but I guess that was not enough. The limited turns was still a pressure due to you can only proceed with one action per turn and capturing lands take 1 to 2 turns to acquire them.

I’ve spent a number of hours trying to figure out the best strategy and was finally able to conquer it. Managing 2 heroes at the same time is a little difficult at first but with the right resource management, I think you can make it. RTS theory doesn’t work on this game for me so I guess I can accept that this game owned me big time.


Day 3:

Day 3, off to the next campaign. Unlike the first mission, the second mission provided me with 3 heroes to manage and a bigger map to conquer. Based on my experience from the last mission, I did notice one thing: never be intimidated with the number of soldiers your enemy has, it’s just numbers. A single dragon or ballista has a chance to eliminate 20 footmen in a single sweep.

Building as many hamlet and tower structure is a little troublesome but you will need as many resources as possible in the long run. One of the strategy I learned in this game is make use of all your available heroes as much as possible in the early game, you might want to assign one to capture a land and another to construct and upgrade while another would be in-charge of defending the other captured lands.

It is also safe to raise an army on your castle or towers while your heroes are busy capturing and protecting the lands, you would not know when your enemies decide to land an attack.

Upgrading settlement, tower and castle can be rewarding, higher tier of settlement and tower can provide you more gold or elite troops so unlocking them can really turn the tides of battle.

Day 3 has ended, this game is really time consuming so I suggest you a-lot time playing the campaign. I can’t say this can be a casual game but it runs even while you’re offline so playing anywhere is a good thing. Managed to do 3 campaigns including the tutorial in 3 days, lot of frustration but it was worth it.


Verdict after the 3rd day of play:

After playing for a numerous hours. I’m proud to say those times were worth it and not wasted. This game really trains your brain to think harder and compensate or adapt to the scenarios because the AI does not repeat the same move even if you try to cheat and restart the level. So if you are a tabletop fanatic or enjoys logic and strategy games, you should definitely check this game out. Will try multiplayer next time and make a review on that so keep checking this site for the updates.


Developer/ Publisher: Boom Zap

Platform:Android, iOS, PC

Release: 2017


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