The Alchemist Code

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A highly engaging fantasy tactical role playing game, combining strategy with a beautiful unique experience.

Day 1 :
The game starts with a prologue between the 2 main protagonists, Dios and Logi.
This will initiate a battle between them and a battle system tutorial will prompt in the process.


Amidst the battle, Ouroboros shows up and endowed Dios and Logi the power of Alchemy. You will perform your first character summon. Afterwards, the battle resumes.

At the end of episode 1, I was directed to a beautifully panoramic view of Envylia.
Ouroboros shows up, a tutorial will start in the game at will to guide you step by step on how the features work, from the menu put to the battle. Ouroboros pops out when you start a certain feature which explains pretty much everything about that certain feature.

There are a wide variety of unlockable characters. The higher the rarity, the more unique jobs and abilities you can uncover.
If you wish to unlock another job, you have to collect Soul shards and Job tokens in order to unlock other jobs and their abilities. I was so lucky to get a featured 5 Star character on my first Rare Spawn.

Powering up your characters can be done by gaining experience through battles or by consuming apples to fill their experience gauge.
You can equip items you gain from spawning, purchase through shops or loot you have acquired after an episode.

Furthermore, you can evolve your characters if you have maxed out the character and collected the necessary components for evolution such as Alchemias, Golems, and Goddess jars.

The first few challenges were easy to accomplish. The more challenges and milestones you finish, the more the rewards are.

Day 2 :
My first play through was great and I was able to familiarize myself with the basic feature of the game already.

The shops provide a vital role in acquiring consumables, equipment, and shards to help you in the game. If you are low on AP from farming items or components, I highly suggest checking them out from time to time.

There are also daily events, this allows you to acquire specific items such as components, equipment, ingots, and tokens. Better not miss out on those events as they can be most helpful in accumulating items that you will need.

So far, it has been a very pleasant experience in day 2, was farming some gold ingots in the events and trying to finish challenges to acquire the Soul Ticket to unlock rare powerful characters.

Day 3 :
Day 3 starts with a new set of daily missions.

Most of my AP was spent with farming the events and hard story mode, which consumes around 30 to 50 AP per battle. My stamina has really dropped fast because my greediness for those gold ingots and soul shards got the best of me. Hahaha!

Building your character up is not cheap. You really have to grind for those ingots. Crafting and learning abilities cost a lot of Zeni. At one point, I consumed all my Zeni just to build up one character.

It was a well accomplished day. I managed to collect my milestone rewards and soul shards that I wanted.


The Alchemist Code is an awesome game in my opinion. With beautiful 3d rendered characters and highly engaging battle system, you’ll really get addicted trying to OP your characters and unlocking new additions to your team that you wanted so badly. I highly recommend this game to players who really enjoy role playing strategy games. As for me, this will definitely be a mainstay on my device and will not miss out a day playing this great game.

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