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On the heels of this month’s huge update, the Gamenomnom team sat down with 1 Simple Idea’s Pablo Ovidio Escobedo Ramirez, producer of Mucho Taco, to talk about one of the best clicker games we’ve seen on the app stores.

How did you get the idea for Mucho Taco? 

There were two main motifs for our game: We wanted to do something using a theme we all loved, while also being iconic of our folklore. Mexican food is something we are really proud of, and the world really seems to like tacos as much as we do, so tacos were our main motif since the get go. Additionally, we wanted to work on a game using simple yet very polished game mechanics, and a clicker game made sense to us.

The game comes with really beautiful pixel art. How did you decide what Mucho Taco was going to look like?

A great source of inspiration for us were the shapes, colors and iconography of Mexican crafts and holidays. As a culture, we love color. On the technical side of things, we decided to use pixel art to optimize the content as much as possible while only using a 16bit color palette.

Personally, what’s your favorite part of Mucho Taco?

Lots of thing! We love rolling the tortillas slowly to get the nice pixel transformation of the taco . It’s something almost nobody fully appreciates because of the hectic nature of the hectic playstyle. We also love the astronaut that appears during the resets. I think it has a lot of potential, and maybe we could do shirts and coffee mugs with him in the future.

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There’s a ton of content in the game. What goes on behind your team’s brainstorming sessions, and how do you guys come up with this much content?

With asking ourselves the question: “How do we glue our players to our game?” A lot of thought was put into making players come back and play the game for long time. Also, by analyzing what we did right with 1.0, and what the fans clamored.

Let’s talk about the much awaited update for Mucho Taco, which is in itself an already solid game. What made you decide to upgrade to Mucho Taco 2.0?

There were players that blew through 1.0 within a couple weeks, and we wanted to make the experience more worthwhile. We knew a lot of people wanted to continue playing, but there wasn’t much to do after reaching the final restaurant.

What can fans expect from Mucho Taco after the 2.0 upgrade? Are you guys still planning a 3.0? Perhaps, a new game in the Mucho Taco universe?

They can expect a lot of new content. The estimate for completion is now months as opposed to weeks. There are updates on the way, though nothing as big in the foreseeable future; mostly bugfixes and tuning tweaks, and maybe some small surprises. Relics are now a very important part of the game, so you can expect new content bases on these modifiers.

Check out the trailer for Mucho Taco 2.0 below!


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