6 Mobile Games to Watch Out For This May

by Chief Tin | April 26, 2016 | , , , ,

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Here are 6 mobile games you can get on your phone this May:

1. INK

INK gameplay mobile games

From BAFTA-award winning studio State of Play comes Ink. It’s a cross between pinball and painting, and from what the studio has teased so far, Ink looks to be another visually stunning game to add to their inventory of beautifully made games (Lume and Lumino City).

2. Nowhere: Lost Memories

Nowhere:Lost Memories gameplay mobile games

Nowhere: Lost Memories is a first person mystery adventure by indie developer DarkPath Studio. If you’re a fan of The Room franchise, then this is a game you will want to look out for.

3. Legend of War

Legend of War gameplay mobile games

Popular Japanese strategy/RPG game Legend of War will get an English release this May 2016. You can start pre-registering to get exclusive gift items here.

4. Asgard Run

Asgard Run gameplay mobile games

First released for iOS, Asgard Run is finally releasing on Android next month. It’s a one of a kind endless runner mobile game with hack-and-slash/RPG elements.

5. Super Power Boy

Super Power Boy gameplay mobile games

Award-winning game Super Powerboy is coming to iOS and Apple TV as a paid game. While at first it looks like a standard side-scrolling platform game, Super Powerboy goes further by allowing you to build and upgrade your character’s armor and weapons as you go through level after level.

6. Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2 gameplay mobile games

The much awaited sequel to dual stick shooter game Space Marshal is finally getting released on May 25, 2016. The tactical strategy mobile game first gained attention back in January 2015 with its phenomenal graphics and gameplay, and the piece by piece release date of its chapters (which the devs did so they can improve the next chapters using fan feedback from the first chapter).

Looking forward to other games we didn’t mention on the list? Let us know at asknombear@gmail.com, and we’ll let other people know to keep a heads up!

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