9 Pixel Art Accounts To Follow For Pixel Art Game Lovers

by Chief Tin | April 20, 2016 | ,

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If there’s anything I’m sure of about pixel art, it’s that I know it always looks at home on my phone screen.

Whether they’re casual pixel art games like Mucho Taco and Ball King or core games like Knights of Pen and Paper and Isle of Bxnes, the resulting crossover between phones and pixel art is rarely ever disappointing.

As pixel art fans ourselves, we compiled great pixel art accounts to follow for fans who can’t get enough of the medium, even outside the gaming sphere.

1) 8-bit Fiction

Maintained anonymously by three people: a tech wizard, a writer, and a psychologist. 8-bit Fiction is a Tumblr blog that places captions on screenshots from old, pixel art games.

2) Pixel Dailies

A pixel art group that started on Twitter in 2014, PD is a place where pixel artists submit their art. PD auto-posts some of the best submissions daily.

3) 1041uuu

1041uuu is a Tumblr blog curating fantastic pixel art GIFs from artist Toyoi Yuuta.

4) 8bitapparel

If you’ve ever had a hard time looking for quality pixel art shirts, 8bitapparel is the place to go.

5) Michafrar

Michafrar is a self-taught pixel artist and a foreign language teacher.

6) Pixpilgames

Pixpil Studio is a Shanghai-based indie game studio developing a beautiful pixel art game called Eastward.

7) Glauber Kotaki

Glauber Kotaki is a pixel artist who makes art for pixel art games.

8) jtangc

jtangc is the art blog of James T., a pixel artist and indie game developer from Hong Kong.

9) PixelArtM

PixelArtM is a pixel artist and maker of HTML5 games.

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