6 GIFs That Sum Up Your February 14 If You Hate Valentine’s Day

by Chief Tin | February 4, 2016 | ,

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Valentine’s Day is a day of bliss, love, and endless whispers of sweet nothings.

I hate it.

I admit I am a bit of a Valentine’s grinch. There are suddenly millions of people EVERYWHERE, I can’t turn around in a mall or a park without accidentally getting myself someone else’s partner. Also, a little PDA and a little cheese is okay now and then, but when the whole world does it at the same time? It literally makes me nauseous.

So in celebration of my distaste for Valentine’s Day, here are five GIF’s that sums up what Valentine’s feels like for people like me:

1. What avoiding cheesy Valentine’s Day crap feels like:

(Source: The Pit)

2. Trying to dodge the sudden influx of couples:

(Source: Into The Dead)

3. What to generally feel like re: love birds

(Source: Bouncing Tank)

4. When relatives tell you not to worry because “there are many fish in the sea”:

(Source: Dumb Ways To Die)

5. Reaction to every single paragraph that contains 5 I love yous:

(Source: Dumb Ways To Die)

6. Every Valentine’s Day traffic, ever:

(Source: Does Not Commute)

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