Dragon Breaker Face-Off: Who Would You Take?

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Following the release of Dragon Breaker – one of the most polished dungeon crawlers the team has put its hands on – we decided to pit our breakers against each other. Because in true Gamenomnom fashion, we have to go PvP in one way or another. Introducing our contenders: Sephbot, Britz, and Chieftin.

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Scenario One: You’re trapped in a dungeon with this Dragon King (which looks like a kaiju straight out of Pacific Rim):

Dragon Breaker dragon god

Which Breaker is by your side? Go!

Dragon Breakers

Maximus vs Eliana

Chieftin: Maximus! I’d definitely take Maximus. Have you seen how big his hammer is?

Sephbot: Not a good choice. That hammer is too big to be fast. He would get crisped before the first swing. Crispy Maximus. I’m going with Eliana.

Chieftin: Of course.

Sephbot: What? She looks fast. She’s a Wind-element unit. She has a crossbow; dragons have very shoot-able wings.

Britz: Sorry Chief, I’ll go with Sephbot for this one. Eliana does look all kinds of flexible.

Chieftin: Anyone that naked would find it easier to move!

Winner: Eliana (Sephbot and Britz)

Scenario Two: Chased by a bike gang down a narrow alley, who’s riding shotgun behind you?

Dragon Breaker

Elizabeth vs Amirah

Britz: Elizabeth. She’s a magician, right? I’ll make her throw up a shield. Or turn the bikers into toads or something.

Sephbot: I think she’s more of a white mage.

Chieftin: I think that cape isn’t for high-speed bike chases. I would go with Amirah, have her lob fireballs, sort of like having a walking Molotov turret.

Sephbot: Makes sense. I was gonna say Gudrun, but her longbow is going to be a pain to draw, fireballs just makes sense.

Winner: Amirah (Chieftin and Sephbot)

Scenario Three: You’re face-to-face with a crazed, man-eating shark, who’s going to punch it in the face for you?

Dragon Breaker

Shark wrangler Kiara

Britz: Kiara, because she’s a pirate.

Sephbot: And…?

Britz: She should know how to handle sharks, shouldn’t she?

Chieftin: Right. Kiara is the only Breaker that looks like it can handle a shark underwater. Everyone else looks sluggish or is wearing ridiculous outfits.

Winner: Kiara (Britz)

Scenario Four: You’re trying to pull off the ultimate casino heist, pick a Breaker to take with you!

Dragon Breakers

Kiara vs Elizabeth vs Shinpachi

Britz: I’ll take Elizabeth! Elizabeth looks like a hustler, look at all those jewels! And she’s “Influential”.

Chieftin: You just took the richest looking Breaker of the bunch. I would take Kiara. A pirate should know how to swindle.

Sephbot: No casino is going to let a pirate in.

Chieftin: Can’t a pirate enjoy a night out on the strip anymore? Who would you take?

Sephbot: Shinpachi, because he’s “Steady-Handed”. Also he looks sort of boring so he can hide in plain sight. All eyes would be on Elizabeth and her…jewels.

Winner: Shinpachi (Sephbot)

Scenario Five: Stranded on a deserted island, who are you stuck with?

Dragon Breakers

Maurice vs Eliana

Chieftin: Maurice! Look at him, a plane would spot him from a mile away. And he’s a “Prince” so I bet people are already looking for him.

Sephbot: Gudrun or Eliana. They can probably hunt for food.

Britz: Eliana’s skill is literally “Forest Hunter”.

Chieftin: Food over rescue?

Sephbot: It’s not “rescue” if you starve to death first.

Winner: Eliana (Sephbot and Britz)

So after 5 rounds of pitting Breaker against Breaker, our winning Breaker strategist is Sephbot!

Which Breaker would you take with you into battle?

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