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Animal Drivers

Developer: Hello Bard

Animal Drivers is a car stunt game where you drive a 4×4 vehicle and do extreme stunts like backflips and rolls to earn and stack scores. You are given a limited amount of time to execute and play around the track. Each track consists of huge and small ramps that you can use to make your vehicle fly. There are also loops for stunts and tricks.

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About This Guide:

This guide focuses on how to land the perfect trick on Animal Drivers, and how to unlock tracks in the fastest way possible.

Finding a good ramp

Each track have different kinds of ramps you can use to launch your vehicle in the air. Wood ramps are the most common and sometimes biggest ramp you can find in-game. The risk in using wood ramps is they are always close to each other making it difficult to get a perfect landing. Keep in mind that a fall you don’t land perfectly will make you lose all your stunt points.

Land ramps and stone ramps are mid and low ramps but are always found on the side parts of the tracks giving you more free space to try to maneuver a perfect landing. Downfall for these ramps is they give you a small amount of airtime making it more difficult to make more spins and flips, but they’re a good way to rack up small points.

Gold is Good

Keep it straight and align your car with the coins and the ramp when making a jump, gold coins help you upgrade and buy a new car but doing both gold farming and points racking is kind of difficult to do during your first few runs. Be familiar with the track first and find an efficient way to navigate through  the track to make your run efficient, given limited time.Try to meet goal jumps (jumps with a required number of flips, etc.) and land. These pretty much make sure you collect enough gold and points at the same time. 

Time your swipe

A well timed swipe would result in a lot of points and a perfect landing. Be familiar on how long and how many flips and rolls your car can do on a high and low ramps. It’s kind of a waste of time and effort to do a lot of flips and rolls but end up landing upside down and lose all those hard earned points and multipliers. To recover from the flip and rolls, just counter swipe the direction your flip is going (ex: swipe backwards if your flip direction is forward) before making landing so your points and multiplier won’t go to waste.

Tasks are your friends

Every tracks has a list of tasks that you need to accomplish in order for you to unlock the next track. It is recommended that you make a few runs first and familiarize yourself with the items and task related locations so you can plan your route efficiently. Keys can help you extend your time but they’re not cheap, so I wouldn’t advise relying on them too much.

If you find yourself stumped by a track, try farming gold first and upgrade or buy a new car. Those upgrades will really come in handy on the later game.


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