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Hopeless 2: Cave Escape

Developer: Upopa Games

Hopeless 2 is the second game in the franchise following the successful Hopeless game. Its a survival casual game where you have to make sure as many cutie yellow blobs get to the shelters in one piece.

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About This Guide:

This guide focuses on tips for different level tiers. It’s a guide for what’s new and how to maneuver your blobs’ cave escape!

Beginner General Tips:

– The dark shapes can be anything from friend or foe, but an important thing to note is that if the shadow looks like it’s hanging a bit off the ground it’s probably a flying monster heading for the cart. Shoot without hesitation!

– Although, keep that trigger happy instinct under control. The monsters at the beginning are all one shot kills so it would be best to not shoot out of control to avoid hitting friendly blobs.

– Keep your finger hovering just above the screen. You don’t want it to be too close as to shoot too fast (might be friendly blobs) or too far to shoot the faster flying monsters.

– Crank up your screen’s brightness. There’s a power up that lets you have more light when you begin, but you don’t really need that in the earlier levels and can make do with your phone’s backlight at full brightness. Save the coins for better weapons.

– Be careful of the flying monsters in the next levels, as can swoop in at the same time a friendly blob is trying to board the cart. Time your shots carefully, and try not to let your trigger reflex take over because that will just make you hit the blob before the monster. Grind the earlier levels until you get 5,000 coins for the shotgun. It’s a lot better at dealing with swarming, flying monsters.

Tips for Level 3 and up:

– Shoot the boxes once only, shooting them carelessly can result in killing a friendly blob who’s waiting behind it.

– Heed the warning signs. At first they don’t seem to be too helpful because the monsters come one by one but once it gets overwhelming the signs help prepare your trigger finger.

Tips for Level 5 and up

– There’s a new monster on this level, something that looks like the ground monster but moves faster and has spikes on it’s head.

– If you’re not satisfied with a level, you can redo it again without losing the coins you got during your first run. The placing and timing of monsters don’t change, so you can redo a level until you get the timing down right. This is also a good way of racking up points to buy better guns with. Also, redoing a stage until you save all the blobs is a good practice that will let you complete missions without even trying. Perfectionism pays off!

– Log in daily to get free gifts. Gems are not easy to come by, and they’re useful for buying more coins that you can use to buy guns and perks, so use them wisely. These can get you out of a tight spot by buying you a better gun or a perk for more light or more blobs to start the level with.

– Be careful as the obstacle boxes also tumble and move. The mystery boxes can also contain monsters as well as blobs so always be on guard if you want to open them.

– The shotgun is your bestfriend in the earlier levels. The harpoon may be more powerful but it’s very, very hard to survive a swarm without the shotgun’s ability to hit multiple targets. So stick to the shotgun, skip the harpoon,just be careful as the wide blast radius of the shotgun makes it harder to avoid friendly blobs as well.

– In the earlier levels monsters only come from the front. The latter levels will have them swarming everywhere. Keep an eye out for the spiked monsters from behind the cart, and the monsters that will swoop down from the sky. It’s better to play Hopeless 2 with your phone on a flat surface, as this keeps your fingers from obscuring your view. You will need the screen free from obstructions at all times,especially during swarms and the more frantic parts of a level. Also, the spiked ground monsters will literally start falling from above, trying to dive bomb your cart so having two hands free for shooting will do your blobs a lot of good.

Tips for Level 10 and up

– The only exception to the use a shotgun rule is when the game highly recommends a gun for a level, as it is usually best to follow that prompt (ex., level 11 is a lot easier with the harpoon instead of the shotgun, as a new, sturdier flying creature that will attack in swarms are easier to kill off with the harpoon.)

– You can also watch ads in exchange for another life, and when that happens just go and watch the ad. It just runs for 15-30 seconds and that’s a pretty good deal for another life.

– There are new obstacles in the form of a ramp that you can shoot out with your gun. This will change your path from using the upper or lower grounds. Be careful, as the under path is not always better than the one above. Another new obstacle are wooden walls that you have to shoot out while going uphill. Best way to get rid of those would be to shoot higher, doing so makes it easier to not hit blobs.

Tips for Level 15 and above

– If you saved gems meticulously from the very beginning, you can already go through a couple of ads and connect to Facebook to earn enough to buy the hand cannon, which goes for 400 gems. Connecting to Facebook gave me the 100 gems I needed.

It’s worth the buy, as it’s like a nice hybrid of the blast effect of the shotgun and power of the harpoon. Unlock this Hand Cannon as soon as possible.

– Make sure to angle your cannon/shotgun upwards. The creatures are big enough to still be hit even if they’re on the ground, and it lowers the risk of blobs getting hit because they’re smaller. Also, in level where there are humps it saves you the trouble of your shots hitting humps instead of monsters instead, so on flat/slightly bumpy terrain make sure to angle your shot upwards.

– Level 19 is a level that you can easily grind for coins. Since it consists of only downhill terrain angling your shot upwards will make sure you hit all the monsters coming at you and also SAVE all the blobs with your cart. There are no monsters that will come from behind you in this level. How to make sure you got all the blobs? Count if you drop off 10 at the shelter, this should give you a hefty 5k coins per run.

Tips for level 30 and above

– These levels are VERY, VERY difficult to get through. Early on I grinded the game to save enough coins to get the Acid Gun, which is currently the most powerful gun in the game. It spews acid and you can make it a steady stream just by tapping and holding the point where you want the shoot acid. This gun will be very useful in these levels, as they one shot kill everything they touch, including the armored monsters that take two shots to kill even with the Rocket Launcher.

– It is during these levels that you’ll meet the Infected Blob monster. The infected blob monster is just like any other blob, except they have glowing red eyes and some kind of tenctacled thing attached to their backs. These things will hop onto your cart and tackle a normal blob right off it, so shoot to kill. Unfortunately there’s no way to save them.

– Because of the Infected Blobs, you can’t just angle the Acid Gun upwards to avoid hitting the normal blobs. Doing so only makes sure you have no way of protecting against the infected. Instead, time your shots until the last minute. Also, there are a lot of times that the warning signs don’t actually mean monsters at this point, but a barrage of normal blobs that are mixed with infected ones. Using the Acid Gun carelessly will only make sure you have no blobs left or that all of your blobs in the cart will commit suicide because they’ve killed too many of their friends.


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