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Dragon Breakers summary:

You’re a summoned legendary hero (called a Breaker) from Elysium, and you and your allies go through dungeons in a quest to free the goddess, who was imprisoned by an evil dragon god beneath these dungeons.

This guide is meant to help new players ease into the world of Dragon Breakers.



  • Item fetching quests that give gold and FP (Friend Points you can use to summon Breakers)


  • Fight against the party of other players, earn runes.


  • Party
      • This is where you can change party formation, and where the ever handy auto-arrange is found. Using auto-arrange, the system will fix the party formation according to the emphasis that you choose (HP/Speed/Attack/Def). You can also do this manually if you want to manage a party’s specialization. A Tank x Attack party, for instance, will have Breakers who have high defense and attack stats.

      • Each Breaker also has a “Leader Aura” which is a passive skill that takes effect when the Breaker is in the slot in front of the party (leader slot). Utilize Leader Aura skills depending on the type of party composition you have.

  • Enhance
    • This is where you can use two Breakers to boost the level and stats of one Breaker. If the Breakers used to Enhance are of the same element as the Breaker they are enhancing, that Breaker will receive a higher stat boost than if different colored Breakers were used to Enhance. Enhancing costs Gold, so choose carefully! You can also view the amount of EXP points the main Breaker will get, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth sacrificing two Breakers or not

  • Awaken
    • This is where you can use Awakening items found in dungeons to gain a stat boost and another star ranking.
  • Armory
    • This is where you can equip your Breakers with items found in dungeons and as gifts. Each item (weapon/accessory) will add a stat boost to a Breaker.
  • Remove
    • This is where you can permanently remove a Breaker.
  • Breakers
    • This is where you can see the breakdown of your Breakers: their current star ranking, their element and attack specialty (slashing/blunt/heal), their total stats, items equipped, and their Type of Breaker. You can also view their Skill and Leader Aura (passive skill that affects the whole party when Breaker is placed in the Leader position of the party). Here is also where you can find details of Skill Turns (ie, the number of turns it takes before you can active their Skills, and the number of times you can use a Skill per battle)
  • Upgrade this Building
    • Unlocking upgrades for the Barracks means unlocking additional Breaker slots for acquiring new Breakers. You’re going to need to gather materials before making this update, to do this grind specific levels where each material can be found.


  • This is where you can use gems to summon Breakers. You have three options of going about it:
    • Summon Breakers through gems (Guaranteed 3 star and above)
    • Summon Breakers through Arena tokens (Exclusive 4 star and above)
    • Summon through sharing on Line/Twitter/Facebook (Obtain Kojiro, three star exclusive)
    • Summon through FP/Friend Points (No ranking guarantee)


  • Story Dungeons
    • This is where you can move the narrative further. Doesn’t give much in terms of gold, but this is usually where you can farm Awaken materials, get low-level Breakers (for enhancing), and grind for experience points.

  • Labyrinths
    • Varies daily. This is where you can farm Awaken elemental items. Each labyrinth specializes in a kind of elemental drop (Fire/Water/Wind, etc.)

  • Flux Labyrinths are labyrinths where you can farm gold and exp. Since it’s hard to farm gold in the game (dungeons give around 10+ Gold Coins only), you should take advantage of these Labyrinths everytime they show up. Take note though that each run takes 20AP points, so plan runs accordingly.

The Golden Undercity

This is the Labyrinth where you can farm gold

Labyrinth of Insight

This is the Labyrinth where you can gain loads of experience points. This is where you can grind to level up your Breakers.


  • Each battle is turn-based. Pay attention to the Turn count above each monster’s head to anticipate when each one is going to attack. To minimize damage to your party, attack the monster with the least amounts of turns left before it attacks.

  • Each character in your party has a special move. When activated (by swiping up), they either trigger an offensive move, provide buffs to your whole team such as strengthening attacks for one turn, or provide a healing buff to replenish the HP of the whole party. Each type of special move is marked by a different symbol, found beneath each character.

  • This is the Boost gauge. This fills up whenever your party takes damage; use it to unleash a sustained, powerful all-party attack against the opponent.


  • For Upgrade/Awaken materials
    • You can easily find materials you need for building upgrades or Awaken materials by grinding a dungeon where the material is dropped (the material per dungeon varies, and is shown as a thumbnail next to the level name). Keep grinding until you find the item, and when going through the dungeon make sure to open all chests in the area, because most of the time the items you need are inside the chests (content is randomly generated per run) rather than dropped by opponents.

  • For Gold/Exp
    • See ‘Flux Labyrinths’ under Dungeon

So that’s it for our beginner’s guide to Dragon Breakers! If you’ve got any extra tips you want to share, shoot us an email at

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