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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Playguide

With FFBE’s Global Launch upon us, we published a playguide to help everyone hit the ground running. Here are a few tips and tricks to help new players become the best Grandshelt knight in the kingdom!

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius start screen

Main Interface

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Interface

1 Gil: One type of in-game currency. Used to buy new equipment, items, and to Awaken units.

2 NRG: Energy. Used up every time you enter battle (except for Coliseum stages)

3 Name: Your username

4 Rank: Your current ranking based on how much you’ve achieved in-game

5 Lapis: In-game currency used for Summoning new units

6 Exp: Gauge filled up to Rank up

7 Quest Report: Where you can check your pending and ongoing quests and Daily Quests. Quest Report Tip: So you don’t have to go running around a city trying to look for the right people to report back to for quests, you can select Town Menu > Quest Report then look for the completed quest. If you’re in the right city (ex: You and quest giver are in Port City Lodin), then you’ll be given the option to teleport to their location.

8 Bundles (Chest icon): This is where you can use real money to buy lapis, metal cactuars (for exp), and Awaken materials. You can also use your lapis to recover energy, add slots to your inventories, and buy magic keys.

9 Latest Info (Message Board): Where you can get the latest updates from the devs. Also alerts you to giveaways or compensation lapis for maintenance times, so always check when notifications arrive!

10 Inbox (Red envelope icon):  These are where the giveaways and compensation can be claimed. Always check before the day ends, because some giveaways can only be claimed within 24 hours.

11 Menu (Book icon): Where you can find Player Info, Trophies (for achievements inside the game, you get goodies for unlocking them!), and lore Guides for monsters and items. This is also where you can submit support requests for the devs.

12 Forge: Where you can forge equipment. You need to acquire recipes to make armor, weapons, and accessories.

13 Abilities: Similar to the forge, but you create active and passive abilities here instead. Recipes required.

14 Synthesize: This is where you can craft items used in battle and keys used to open special chests.

15 World: Takes you to campaign dungeons and cities

16 Colosseum: Doesn’t require energy, three tries replenishes per hour. This is where you fight wave after wave of monsters and get rewarded with abilities after each completed level.

17 Espers: Trusty old Espers from the Final Fantasy franchise. These are powerful creatures your units can summon in battle. Leveled up by magicites.

18 Vortex: Where you’ll find Chambers to farm in. You can either choose to farm experience, Awaken materials, Gil, forging materials and magicite.


Just like most JRPGs, you can summon units by using in-game currency. In Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, it’s Lapis. There are many ways players earn Lapis:

– Good old fashioned buy them off the Play Store/App Store

– 50 Lapis by completing the Daily Quests (which are just the same quests over and over so don’t worry about difficulty scaling upwards as you progress through the game)

– 100 Lapis by clearing an arena in Story mode

– 100 Lapis by ranking up

There are two types of summoning in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. The first one is by using Lapis, and the second one is by using Friend Points. You can accumulate Friend Points by setting it as the preferred gift to be sent to you by other players. Each FP Summon is worth 200 FP, and gives you characters you can’t normally pull from normal Lapis summoning.

Friend Gifts

Character Tiers

Again, like most games in its genre, you can sort FFEB characters by tier, although for the English version we only have this unofficial list. There’s the S+, S, A+,A,  A-, B+, B, C, and D tier. Pretty sure these tiers will be whittled down to 3-4 levels the first few weeks after Global Launch. Characters are ranked according to their Rarity, Skills, Stats (HP, MP, the usual), Equipment (how compatible they are to a number of items), Trust (percentage of getting a rare item based on who they are). Here’s a comprehensive – but still incomplete – breakdown of each character made by Online Fanatic.


Basically, Awaken means adding another star on your player’s rating (units go from 1-5 stars). Awakening units raises the threshold of their stats, level, and allows them to learn new skills.

Every time a unit Awakens, it gets taken back to Level 1, where you have to level it up again until the new max level threshold. Note that not all units can reach 5 stars, it depends on their tier.

The first few units are really easy to Awaken, since by the time you max out some units you’d already have stocked up on materials from missions and quests. It becomes more difficult as you progress through the game because units tend to need copious amounts of the same material to Awaken. For example, both Rain and Laswell need 20 Beast Meat to level up, which brings my requirement to 40. It’s not easy to farm for Awaken materials because they’re random drops, but there are places and tricks you can use to save you NRG. Also the Thief class is very useful for farming Awaken materials because of their ability Steal, which gives you the chance to get two materials from one creature.

Using the Thief tips:

  • When farming for materials in Exploration levels using a Thief, choose a target and perform Steal first before making the party attack. This is especially useful if you want to try to steal from multiple enemies. If the first target doesn’t have the material you want, make the whole party attack that enemy first to get it out of the picture. Use the Thief again to Steal from the next target. Rinse and repeat.
  • Successfully stolen items don’t show up on the item tally after every battle in Exploration levels. They show up in the final tally after you complete the area, so don’t panic if you don’t see your item after battle, that’s not a glitch!

Here are couple of places where you can farm Litrock, Beast Meat, Heaven’s Ash, and Sacred Crystal. These are usually the most often used when Awakening units through the first few Stars.

Where to farm Beast Meat:

Earth Shrine – Exit (Energy Req: 1/ 2-3 per run / Dropped often by Dire Rats and Bats)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Beast Meat Earth Shrine

Where to farm Litrock:

Fulan Pass (Exploration/Energy Req: 6/2-3 per run/Dropped by Magitek Armor and Security Eye)

                Coliseum Level D-4 (By using Steal)

Chamber of Awakening (INT level, Energy Req: 10/1-2 per pass. Note: ADV isn’t worth the energy you req)



Litrock Fulan Pass

Where to farm Heaven’s Ash:

Phantom Forest (Energy req: 8 / 2-3 per run / Dropped often by Poison Eagle and Ghoul)

Coliseum Level C-5 (By using Steal)

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Heavens Ash

Where to farm Sacred Crystal:

Chamber of Awakening (INT level, Energy Req: 10)

Sacred Crystal


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Chambers Vortex

You can unlock a Chamber for free once per day, and unlock subsequent ones for 100 lapis per Chamber. You can also try to check in when only 8 hours or 3 hours remain for the Chamber you chose to open first. Oftentimes you can already open the next Chamber for free. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

Chamber of Creation: Forging materials, Esper materials

Chamber of Awakening: Awakening materials

Chamber of Experience: EXP only

Chamber of Riches: Gil only

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