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Welcome to Gamenomnom’s “Pang Adventures Basic Tips To Avoid Alien Balls”!


There is really more than one way to win through Pang Adventures. Whether you’re a sharpshooter or a hack n’ shoot kind of player, here are a few tips to get you through the first few hurdles of the strategy arcade game.

  • Shoot at the apex of each ball’s bounce.
  • Remember that the balls’ bounce height reduces over time.
  • Also, remember that balls take an opposite trajectory when they split. That means that the two halves go opposite directions immediately after splitting.
  • Stick to a single target throughout the level. It can be easy to get disoriented by all the bouncing balls; sticking to a target allows you to know when to dodge and when to shoot.
  • Prepare for eventual delays and lags especially when shooting and boss fights.
  • Blue fairies = 200,000 pooooints!
  • Once you get to more complicated levels like Death Valley, pay attention to the patterns of each ball. They’ll let you know where you need to stand, and where you don’t want to be.
  • When using crabs, be sure to clear enough room for the balls to bounce around. This is because you don’t want a low bouncing ball that the crabs miss to head straight for you.
  • The crabs die when you shoot them.
  • The crabs change direction when you touch them.
  • As the levels get more complicated as you go, you’ll notice that there is usually a method to all the madness amidst the bouncing balls. Aim for the safest possible solution (get the crabs to work for you, etc.) and create bottlenecks where you can snipe the balls from a distance where they can’t get to you.

Bora Boss

Bora Bora Boss

  • Stage 1: Hit the red spot on the tentacle that isn’t spewing balls. It takes 8 hits to kill each tentacle.
  • Stage 2: Kill the other tentacle, this time armed with a Sting 2x. Make sure you get rid of all the balls before killing the last tentacle, to make it easier for you come Stage 3.
  • Stage 3: Get that shield fast! Strafe underneath the jelly and hit its eye when it’s at the APEX or top of it’s bounce. Don’t try to shoot it while its on the way down, as this will most certainly result in getting squished by its body.

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