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Wakfu Raider summary:

Massive grinding and endless potential.

This guide provides you with basic strategies for Wakfu Raiders, all details are based on my experience playing the game. Please feel free to contact us for correction and clarifications 😀

Hero building

In Wakfu Raiders, your heroes are built individually and don’t share leveling experience with other heroes in your party. You can also upgrade skill level via gold that can be used as an active or passive ability in dungeons. Each hero has unique skills that they can learn and it’s usefulness depends on the active members of your party.

hero building ylana felstrom

Attack heroes should be equipped with critical rate, damage and attack enhancement, and passive debuff and status ailment effects to maximize and speed up the pace on every world.

Def type heroes should be equipped with HP and armor enhancement items to increase endurance in battle.

Party composition

Wakfu Raider offers a huge variety of hero types to choose from making the party composition a little bit easier.

First, take your highest HP/ DEF hero and add it to your frontline. This slot will be the likeliest to get hit by regular monsters and sustain most of the damage all throughout the run. ATK type heroes should be placed on the middle slot and supports are on the rear. Make sure also that the total attack power of your party is enough to be able to comply with the dungeon requirements or high enough to be competitive in the PvP arena.

Hero upgrade

Hero upgrade unlocks new hero abilities that are useful when clearing a world both in normal and Heroic mode. These abilities can be triggered when performing a hero combo during battle so it is advisable to upgrade your hero when you can..

summons hero wakfu raiders

storage wakfu raiders

The hero upgrade on Wakfu Raiders kinda looks complicated and difficult at first but it’s not really that much of a hassle to pull off. Most of the items needed to upgrade your hero at the the beginning can be acquired via quest and Heroic mode rewards in the first world.

Hero rank

Hero rank improves your hero’s attributes and increases max level giving your hero higher ability levels. This improves effectiveness, damage rating and hero individual attack power.

Hero gearing

Wakfu Raiders has a huge variety of farming worlds for materials to equipment that you will need to conquer all the worlds of Wakfu Raiders and PvP for competitive players.

hero gearing ylana felstrom wakfu raiders

Most of the gear can be acquired while playing Heroic modes of specific worlds. Take note that you only have 3 tries per day to play on Heroic mode in specific world so make sure that your hero can finish it with a 3 star for a better chance of looting the needed item. Loot drops are random so you might need to make multiple runs, so take note of the other spot that drops your required material so you don’t waste the allotted number of runs.

Hero leveling

There are three ways to level your hero in Wakfu Raider, first is the normal story progressing all throughout the world and grinding a stage which gives high exp points, second is via The Crypt where you will be facing the most difficult challenges but will be rewarded generously with gold, exp or elemental essence. Third is via exp potion which can be acquired by finishing a stage.

ylana felstrom wakfu raiders

Exp potions on the other hand are only useful when starting the game. Save some of it for newly acquired heroes so it can catch up and grind its way up along with other heroes.  

Material farming

Essence are the main materials for upgrading a hero, and can be acquired by finishing a certain stage in The Crypt. Stones like HP stone, ATK stone, DEF stone, DEX stone, and REC stone can be acquired via Portal or Heroic Modes all over the worlds of Wakfu Raiders.

difficulty wakfu raiders

You can also find the list of stages when you tap on the material icon to lessen the hassle. Same goes with hero stones.


crafting wakfu raiders

Equipment crafting is a necessity in Wakfu Raiders, equipment greatly boost your hero’s attributes and attack power.  It is advised that you gear up your main hero first or your most used hero depending on your playing style and strategy so that the rest of the party can benefit from it and make your run a little easier when trying to achieve 3 stars.


The element cycle is a very effective strategy when you are having trouble beating a certain stage or a specific boss. Heroes with counter element properties against a monster can land devastating damage due to the elemental damage bonus. You can check your hero element by looking at the border color or finding the essence required for it to upgrade, you can also refer to this table:

Fire – Red

Green – Earth

Pink – Air

Blue – Water

Black – Dark

Yellow – Light

The element cycle in Wakfu Raiders is almost the same logic as other games, fire beats earth, earth beats air, air beats water, water beats fire. You can check the element table during battle at the upper right corner.


Currently, there are 11 worlds in Wakfu Raiders, each world has different sections and dedicated farming spots for specific materials and stones. Each world has it’s own kind of monsters, elements and difficulty which your party needs to conquer.

Hero Stones

Hero stones are the pink stones that can be acquired on Heroic modes as a reward. You need to gather and combine these when you reached a certain number required to summon a specific hero.

You can find these stones on Heroic modes of most stages in different worlds and the in-game store.

Hero Combo

Hero combos can be performed by tapping 3 hero icons in sequence. Each combination has different effects based on the tapped heroes. Some heroes trigger party buffs which increase the stat of the tapped heroes for a limited period and others trigger offensive party based attacks.

party combo wakfu raiders

This element combo is not specific based on the element. Any element will do as long as you get the right combination of the following:

Def buff combo

Ex.: Earth + Earth + Fire

This buff increases your party’s defense rate and decreasing the amount of damage received from the enemy for a small duration.

Dex buff combo

Ex.: Earth + Wind + Wind

Increase the chance of evading an attack from enemies for a short period.

Recovery buff combo

Ex.: Earth + Wind + Earth

Basically recovers a small amount of hit points of your selected party members

Atk buff combo

Ex.: Earth + Earth + Earth

Increase the damage rating for a short period.

Hero Special

Hero specials are abilities that either provide useful buffs to your party or debuffs and damage to your enemies by a single hero. The Hero Special can be used when you fully fill the blue stamina bar under the hero’s hitpoints, and can be used by swiping up on the hero’s portrait.

special hero power wakfu raiders

special hero power wakfu raiders

Hero specials are usually saved up for boss waves since that’s where most of the monsters will have higher hit points and damage. Make sure to use the buff specials first for better results.

PVP Arena

pvp wakfu raiders

The Arena is where you test your party’s competitiveness against another player’s party. Everything will be based on your combined attack power and some on luck since you can’t really do anything during the battle. So just sit tight and pray that your party delivers the finishing blow.

Gold and Gem

quest rewards wakfu raiders

Gold farming is not that difficult in Wakfu Raiders, the daily quest gives out huge amounts of gold as a reward when completed and completing a stage also rewards you with gold. Gems on the other hand can be acquired when completing a mission, quest and or by achieving a certain goal that you can find on the mission tab.


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