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Templar Battleforce Summary:

A sci-fi turn based tactical RPG game where every step counts on your way to victory or defeat.

This Templar Battleforce playguide is focused on the basic stuff you need to know to play the game. Some of it are already explained in the game so I won’t go through those too much.

Team Management

In Templar Battleforce, the key to achieving the objective is successfully managing your forces: their position, their action and their goals. Your Templars are composed of Engineer, Scout, Soldier and your Lead. Every Templar has skills and specialties on the field. Learning the advantage and disadvantage of all the Templars is one of the most important things to master in this game since survival and getting the objectives depends on correctly utilizing each role.

When playing with small headcounts on your team, keep in mind that even the toughest Templar can be taken down by numbers of enemies hitting so ideally, keeping your team close to each other is the best strategy in almost all the missions in this game. It would be a slower pace but then again, you’ll be sure to have your teams alive and well throughout the whole mission.

When playing with a huge group, it is ideal to keep the division in balance. Evenly dividing your team makes it easier to accomplish an objective. But before deciding to divide your group, have a little check on the map first and see if you are able to establish a tactical point and recruit more Templars that you can manage within the battlefield. You can set your primary team on a recon and scout the area for a few turns white waiting for your SP to build up and recruit a new Templar.

At early game, you can only recruit an Engineer, a Soldier and a Scout, so recruit a soldier first so that it could provide Overwatch defense while some of your team are exploring the field and waiting for your tactical point to gain SP. SP gain can be upgraded for an additional 20 SP per turn for 200 SP. The timing whether to upgrade or recruit is really crucial in your chance of achieving the objective so it is ideal to observe first your current situation and enemy positions before you decide to upgrade or recruit.


Veterans are your recently recruited Templars who have served and performed well on the battlefield. They level up and can be equipped with the latest and greatest weapons and armors you can acquire from the Requisition tree. When they die in battle, don’t worry, they’re not forever lost, you can still summon them on the next mission.


The leading Templar of your group. This Templar is a tough one but be careful and keep on eye on him. His death means defeat since he cannot be recruited or respawned from Tact Points.

Attacks using both melee and range are very useful at tight scenarios like being overrun by a swarm of enemies. The grenade skill can really wipe 3 to 4 swarms in one throw but are limited to 3 use only per mission.


The basic Templar you can get at early stages and they are sure crappy at first. Just stack them by 2 or 3’s and keep their fire focused on 1 or a group target to make sure their burst fire would hit or kill any enemies that comes near them. Getting their firepower upgrades is a must so you can exploit their Overwatch skill and lay waste on enemies who goes within range.


The Templar who is ineffective in battle without the upgrades but really come in handy when you need to capture tactical points within the mission.  Keeping them near the tactical points with a soldier stationed as Overwatch is the best bet you can do to keep it alive in the early game. Just keep buffing the soldier near it and do some small fires on the enemies and let the soldier do the dirty jobs. Later in the game, Engineers will be one of your most precious Templars since they can build a Sentry Turret that will make sure your back is clear from any enemies and lessen the hassle of having a Templar stay and guard the tactical point.


The main runner over the field. They’re really reliable and cheap when it comes to spying on enemies location and sniping from a very long range, but these glass cannons are not as tough as soldier class. This class can barely receive damage so keep them hidden and away from enemy range. This class can be very useful even without the upgrade on the early stage, other than being 60 points cheaper from a soldier. Having 2 in a mission really helps in keeping the enemies away from the group.


A fine Templar unit but not as tough as Berserk, ideal to be paired with Overwatch soldier; make sure that no one dares to come near it. Healing is one of the unique skill this class have and are very efficient if there’s no Tact Points. This unit costs a little more compare to the other units but those SPs are really worth it in the later game.


If Hydra was the big gun, this is the big sword. One of the most badass types in this game. Cuts through anything and one of the toughest unit you can acquire. If you think guns won’t finish the job, try sending the xeno creeps one or two of these bad boys. If you want to block a choke point in the map, place this fellow in that path and it’ll make sure no xeno would dare cross it. The grenades are also very helpful at clearing mobs. SP cost for this unit is also a little more expensive so it may take some more turns before you can recruit  it.


The Hydra is a mean fighting Templar with flamethrower that burns all enemies within medium range. It leaves a fire in the tile whenever he fires his weapon. Very effective against mobs who are standing near each other. Ideal to position with your soldier’s Overwatch spot, burning those who barely survive your soldier’s line of sight.

Level Up

Every time your Veteran levels up, you can add +1 point to a specific attribute and skill to increase their efficiency in battle. At first, attributes and how they affect a certain Templar are confusing, so be sure to check the library first to see how a certain attribute would improve or help that Templar grow stronger.

Fortitude dictates the toughness and  number of hit points a Templar can take before it dies, the added bonus depends on the type of Templar but the Captain have the highest among other types.

Willpower increases the Templar’s resistance from Overheating and from any special damage type including radiation, fire and plasma. This also increases the possible damage a grenade can deal.

Focus determines the Templar’s damage multiplier when landing a critical hit with all type of weapons. It also adds the chance to activate auto-block.

Strength increases the Templar’s basic attack damage for both melee and ranged weapons. It also gives bonus damage multiplier for critical hits from melee attacks.

Quickness affects the basic attack’s accuracy for both melee and light ranged weapons. It also improves Templar’s evasion chance against ranged attacks and increase the counter-attack chance for melee types.

Skills is also another part where you need to decide whether that Templar should focus on gunnery skill or just be a plain engineer in the battlefield.

Gunnery increases range weapon damage and hit ratio. it also improves the effectiveness of the Overwatch skill of a Soldier class.

Warrior increases melee weapon damage, hit ratio and the chance to counter-attack. it also adds bonus defense from melee attack.

Tactics increases the buff skill efficiency and critical damage.

Evasion improves the survival rate of a Templar giving it the opportunity to dodge an attack from both range and melee.

Grenades increases grenade damage multiplier and critical damage.

Stealth decreases the chance your Templar would be spotted by an enemy per map tile. It also improves the critical hit ratio from ranged attack made by a Scout with a Sniper Rifle.

Medic improves restoration of hit points to both the Leviathan and the pilot.

Engineer increase damage attacks on enemy Tact Points. It also improves the Sentry Turret’s effectiveness and damage rating.

Talents talents improves your Templar abilities and effectiveness in the battlefield. Every Templar type has a unique talent that can be used during battle.

Gear Up

Your Templar can equip weapon and armor depending on what is acquired and researched from the Requisition Tree. Relic items can also be unlocked and is the most efficient items a Templar can acquire but when it is unlocked, only 1 Templar can wield it in battle.


Requisition tree are your backbone for your Templars to improve and become more powerful in the battlefield. It unlocks skills, abilities and items that your Templar can use. Requisition points or RP can be used to unlock a certain upgrade such as abilities, weapon, armor and items.


Templar Battleforce has a wide range of missions that you can take. After clearing the space ship mission, you will be given a chance to take a mission on different planets and take part on clearing the galaxy from xeno infestation. Think Starship Trooper.

Tact Points

These are  structures that can be assemble in the field via Engineer skill Capture. Tact points a necessity when available in the mission, it provides extra units that can be recruited, respawn veteran Templars from the last mission and purchase combat necessity items such as Meditech that can recover 20-50 HP or Prolonged Deployment which increases the active buff duration of a Templar. Tact Points gain SP or Supply Points that can be used as credits to pay for the recruitment and items.


Every mission has different strategies on how you should approach to achieve the objective depending on the situation and scenarios, but mostly there is a basic strategy that you can apply to almost all of the missions in-game.

The Tank

Melee Templars sticks with either a soldier or a Hydra. They move together and destroy anything on their path. Ideal tandem are Overwatched soldier and paladin, captain and scout or captain and hydra for wiping out those pesky mobs.

The Speed Car

Focuses on rushing the mission, composed of mostly scouts and just the captain as melee. You just stick together and move around running to your objective and not killing everything. Just stick to the objective!

The Turtle

Focused on defense, this strategy sticks to waiting and moving slowly assuring that the area is clear before they move to another position. Composed of hydra, engineer, soldier and captain. This is not really ideal since the goal for the game is to finish it in a few turns to get the bonus exp.

Things that you need to consider before moving forward:

  1. The number of Templars currently available on your disposal
    1. The number of immediate Templars when you start the mission is crucial since that’s the only force you can control  either for the whole progress of the mission or for a while. Position them well so when moving to unexplored terrains you can avoid getting swarmed. Other Templars can react anytime and give the pinned down Templar a hand eliminating the threats.
  2. WIll I have a tactical point?
    1. Tactical points are sometimes available to some of the missions. Plan your turns and manage the SP resources you gain every turn to make it more efficient. This is not an RTS game so plan your moves ahead, the more turns you waste, the more it will be difficult for you to finish the mission.
  3. What are my objectives and where they are
    1. Be sure to frequently check your objectives as you progress to your current mission. Some missions give you the location of where you need to go but some needs to more effort to find your objective. be sure to dedicate a search party when that happens. Recruit a scout dedicated to run all over the terrain and discover fogged areas on the map.
  4. What Templar is suitable for this mission
    1. Not all Templars can do all the task that needed to finish your objective, that’s why they have a specialty and a role. Take advantage of the Templar’s role and skill set per mission.
  5. Should I be aggressive or defensive?
    1. There is no right answer to this question since it really depends on your team’s situation and scenario. But pay attention on the Templar’s heat meter for their very lives depends on it. When a Leviathan overheats, it explodes along with the person inside it.
  6. Where are the buff bonus spots nearby
    1. Buff bonus spots are the Green and Red marked tiles that you will see on most of the missions. Green marked tiles provides Defense increase while the Red marked tiles provides Attack power increase. Make sure to look for them specially if you’re in a tight situation. Those can really help a lot when combined with Templar buff.


Templar formation is necessary when executing an action within the field, you should know where to position your scout to be effective in the battlefield or where the engineer should be positioning their sentry turrets so that no one can flank your six.

Some of the formations I used in most of the mission are composed of a soldier, engineer, captain, scout and a hydra. I usually place the Captain on the front backed by hydra and scout while the soldier and engineer would be placed on the back keeping the rear area secured just in case we need to fall back. I usually place Sentry Turrets on Red marked tile or bottle necks and leave it on Overwatch to provide a secured backup just in case things get messy.

When handling a small team and there’s no Tact Points, placing the scout away from the group is not ideal. Sometimes it’s better to take out the target when they’re approaching you and not the other way around.

Templar Battleforce is really a nice tactics game which utilizes a lot of strategy depending on your ideal outcome. For more details and discussion about this game, you can check out their forum on Steam

This guide was done while playing and manage to finish the normal mode only. Please do correct us if you see any mistake or want to add anything on our guide by sending us an email or by commenting on this page.

If you want a playguide for your game, just drop us an email and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.


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