Sushi Three!

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Sushi Three! by CRYsoft Development brings 3×3 puzzle a new taste to your mobile devices, it’s a great time killer for those who loves puzzle games and enjoys making sushi at the same time.

The logic of the game is to line up and create a combo of ingredients while making your sushi unique, from rice to shrimp pieces, random ingredients will be provided and it’s up to you how you will strategically place them on the plates provided. It doesn’t have time limit so you can be creative as long as you like but don’t take too long though.

You are given 9 plates to line up and create your sushi combo, the better combo you create, the higher the multiplier you get so be creative when you top them all up.

Sushi Three! also has the trash feature for a limited number of times if the provided ingredient doesn’t fit on what you are creating but I do not recommend doing it often for it does deduct your current accumulated points per trashed ingredient. Wasting food do have consequences you know, even in real life.

Sushi Three! is a great time killer especially if you’re stuck waiting for your date to finish shopping or while waiting for your food to be served on a restaurant.

Sushi Three! offers not only the game but it also gives you the option to check out the ads in exchange for in-game freebies, doing so will also help the developers gain extra cash for making free games so if you have some minute to spare, do check it out.

Overall, this game can be a great stress buster and unwinder. Grab some tea and play this game while enjoying your afternoon snack.


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