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For all feline lovers out there, there is a new game called Wiwi Rush, unlike other cat themed casual games out there in the market, this game can be tricky, challenging and cute at the same time.

Created by Thinkbit Solutions, Wiwi Rush creates an intense gameplay where you need to swipe left or right depending on the gender of the cat, but be warned, not all cats dressed in a certain manner is what you think it is. This game will definitely challenge you how you perceive the cat based on their costumes and adding the timer makes it more competitively frustrating.

Wiwi Rush offers two types of game modes, Rush and Match mode.

The goal in Rush Mode is to swipe and match as many cats as you can to its gender, within a limited time. The higher points you gain, the more challenging it gets. Despite of its adorable design, classifying them is still not easy. To add, their costumes are a little bit confusing when you first see them since when it comes to cat illustrations, we are used to seeing their colors specified for their genders. To top it off, the cats are mixed with a random variety of costumes were some of them wear striking colors which can deceive your initial judgement whether it’s a male or female.

You are also given 3 lives per round, make a mistake, you lose one, lose all, game over.

The Rush Mode also offers a mini game where you need to tap a certain target as fast as you can to deplete the hit points faster than the allotted timer for the mini game.

Match mode in other hand is more random and will be testing your wits of perception. The npc on the back will comment on what he think the gender of the cat is and it’s up to you whether to believe or not within the pee timer radius.

Overall, Wiwi rush is a great concept and a great time killer especially if you’re on a public transport and stuck on a horrible traffic jam.

How can it help you in your daily life?
Well technically it doesn’t, directly. But it can train your instinct and eye-brain-hand coordination pretty much. Not sure though if it can help you identify a cat’s gender with one look but HEY! At least you had some fun and a bit of frustration if you’re very competitive on getting a higher score.
It can also be a great social ice breaker if you’re on a first date and stuck on an awkward dead air, you can challenge your date or friends and make bets on to whom might pay for the next coffee or lunch.

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